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AT&T is being criticized for upgrading fake 5G-E Network

AT&T Communication is experiencing a harsh criticism on social media. The news came to in light when the disclosure of the carrier has been underway to update devices with 5G evolution icon.

The name references coming with 5G availability, and this “5G E” icon indicates “5G Evolution”. The change to begin displaying “5G E” on a few devices is misleading consumers; as they may hope to connect with a genuine 5G network, instead of that is in reality merely fast 4G.

AT&T is gradually revealing a real 5G network on AT&T Twitter account, yet presently it expects clients to associate with it utilizing the Netgear Nighthawk Mobile 5G Hotspot.

As similar to the LTE network, the starting stage of 5G innovation in the market is laden with publicity and false cases.

Mocked On Social Platform

AT&T’s rivals mocked them on twitter account with a video updating an iPhone to “9G” by attaching a piece of a sticky note over the visible LTE connectivity icon. They twitted “So, TMo customers, get ready for “9G” – it’s even easier to apply because it doesn’t require a software update. The future awaits.”

CEO Statement Over Criticism

The CEO of AT&T’s Wireless division, John Donovan saying that saying he’s happy to cause a shock for his rivals. He responded on the stage at CES “That’s how marketing works. Every company is guilty of building a narrative of how you want the world to work,”

He continued. “And I love the fact that we broke our industry’s narrative two days ago, and they’re frustrated and gonna do what they’re gonna do. If I now occupy beachfront real estate in our competitors’ heads, that makes me smile.”

Owners of Samsung and LG cell phones are beginning to see an availability symbol perusing as “5G E,” showing the gadget is associated with AT&T’s “5G Evolution” network.