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Facebook Bans White nationalism, white separatism on its Platforms

 Facebook’s new policy has been welcomed by the Committee on Homeland Security at the United States and received praise from New Zealand Premier Jacinda Ardern. Facebook Inc on Wednesday forbidden praise, support, and representation of white nationalism and white separatism, a movement which attracted qualified acceptance from New Zealand where a massacre of 50 individuals in mosques was live streamed earlier this month. Civil rights groups have said social network giants have failed to confront extremism which was under the spotlight this month following an alleged white supremacist broadcasted live footage of his attacks at Christchurch, New Zealand.

Facebook, Twitter Inc and Alphabet Inc’s YouTube have been under pressure to remove white supremacist and neo-Nazi content from their platforms, along with fake news along with other types of abusive posts. In response, Facebook has beefed up its content monitoring groups and taken down event pages which have been used to promote and arrange gatherings of white supremacist groups. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, that has called for social network platforms must be responsible for what users post, said material covered from the measures should have been prohibited under Facebook’s hate speech principles. With that said, I am pleased to see that they’re like it and that they’ve taken that thing, but I think that there’s a conversation to be had with the international community about whether or not enough has been done, she told a press conference in Christchurch on Thursday.

There are lessons to be learned here in Christchurch and we do not need anyone to have to understand these lesson over again, she added. The coverage will be enforced following week, Facebook said on the blog article and will apply to its core Facebook application and Instagram. Facebook has long banned white domination under its principles on hateful content but didn’t previously consider white nationalist or separatist content to be explicitly racist. Tech publication Motherboard, which first reported the coverage change on Wednesday, disclosed that the company was maintaining the distinction last year following a survey about its content moderation policies.

Civil rights groups say there’s not any distinction between the ideologies. In a statement, Facebook said it’d initially been wary of infringing on broader concepts of nationalism and separatism, which she believes are a significant part of people’s identity”. But within the past 3 months our conversations with members of civil society and academics that are experts in race relations around the globe have confirmed that white nationalism and separatism can’t be significantly separated from white supremacy and organized hate groups, the business said. Moving forward, while individuals will still be capable to demonstrate pride in their ethnic heritage, we’ll not tolerate praise or support to get white nationalism and separatism.”. Facebook said it’d also start connecting individuals who search for terms associated with white supremacy into an organization called Life Following Hate, centered on helping people depart hate bands.