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Hitman 2 to get new locations and special missions

Hitman 2 has had the same places since launch — you may take on new targets, of course, but the missions at all times had to happen in the identical environments. You will have some selection very shortly, although. IO is givingExpansion Pass holders “The Bank,” a brand new sandbox location set in New York City. The core mission has you taking out the cutthroat banker Athena Savalas, and can unsurprisingly contain slipping through tight security. You will even have entry to the extra flexible Contracts Mode from the outset.

You may additionally discover a new shotgun and an outfit for Agent 47, each of which can be utilized in different locales.

The expansion premieres June 25th on PCs and consoles. You’ll be able to add it to the core game by the $40 Expansion Pass, whereas newcomers should purchase a $100 Hitman 2 Gold Version that features the pass as a matter of course. It is not a small investment, however, you are additionally getting a brand new playground in a game that thrives on replayability. This one map might keep you busy for a very long time, particularly in the event you’re determined to master every last aspect of the mission.

The bank stage, revealed back in April, shall be out on June 25 as a part of the expansion pass together with two new assignments. As a part of the Pack, two of the earlier game’s elusive targets (the guru and the congressman) might be returning to Sapienza on June 7. Free to everyone will likely be a brand new contract referred to as The O’Leary Conflagration that is about messing with Helen’s Muffin Kitchen and can probably involve burning a whole lot of people to death.