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Murdered teens parents file $6.5 mn lawsuit against Utah college

Parents of a Utah college student who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend last October is filing a $56 million lawsuit against her school for “deliberate indifference” to her pleas for help before her death.

Lauren McCluskey was shot seven times by her ex-boyfriend, convicted sex offender Melvin Rowland, 37, while she was strolling back to her dorm from a night class on October 21. He later killed himself.

McCluskey reported Rowland’s “abusive,” “dangerous” behavior to campus officials and Salt Lake City police for 3 weeks but no effort was made to stop it or keep him off the campus, the complaint filed Thursday stated, in keeping with The Daily Beast.

The 21-year-old’s student relationship with the much older man ended when she found out he had lied about his name, age, and background.

Utah launched suggestions to the college relating to student security after her homicide, however, didn’t discover “any cause to imagine this tragedy may have been prevented,” Deadspin reported.

Just hours after McCluskey’s death, the college reportedly reached out to and eventually spent almost $60,000 for advice from a communications firm to assist maintain its image, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.