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Prefab Cabinets Vs Custom Cabinets

When we talk of prefab kitchen cabinets, then we will get some information, which certainly makes us stunned for a number of benefits offered. To make it easier for us to explain we would do a comparison between the prefab cabinets with custom cabinets. Comparing the two will provide insights and a better understanding. Here are some comparisons that we need to know about prefab kitchen cabinets with custom kitchen cabinets.

casual prefab kitchen cabinets
casual prefab kitchen cabinets

(1) Cost – as well as custom cabinets, prefab cabinets are designed with great attention to detail and these are items that run the gamut from modular to high end. And because it is done with attention to details, it is no wonder if we will apply tag what we can that’s what we paid for. When we do a search in the market, we will find there a number of prefab cabinets are offered at the same price with the high cost of custom cabinets. This is reasonable because there are quality factors and costs to consider. However, we do not need to worry because most prefab cabinets are offered at an affordable price. If we have a shortage of funds, rather than choosing custom cabinets, it would be better if we choose to get prefab cabinets.

solid wood furniture prefab china style kitchen cabinets
solid wood furniture applience prefab kitchen cabinets dining set
modular glossy dark brown prefab kitchen cabinets
modern design black lacquer single line prefab kitchen cabinets

(2) Time – when we make a comparison between the prefab cabinets versus custom cabinets, then we will find that the prefab cabinets will provide installation time is much faster and in turn will save even more time. If we choose custom cabinets, then we had to wait in a longer time, especially for delivery. Not to mention the time spent to perform the installation. Some homeowners even have to wait up to 2 months to get the desired cabinet. If we are someone who is in a hurry, we will not get benefit with custom cabinets.

(3) The size and style – if you are a homeowner who wanted kitchen cabinets that fit in with the design, style, and setting the kitchen, then custom cabinets would be the right choice. Nevertheless, we can get the cabinet with the size and the style that we want to choose prefab kitchen cabinets. When we do a search out there, we might be surprised how many choices of styles and sizes that would be suitable to make the kitchen more charming.

(4) Finishes – for custom cabinets, we will not be bothered with the choice of finishes because it can be adapted to what we want from clean white, rich glossy brown, natural wood, up to homey burgundy we can get. As for the prefab kitchen cabinets, we may have to issue a separate fee to be able to get finishes we want.

mixed toronto brown and white style prefab kitchen cabinets
luxurious sorrel prefab big great kitchen cabinets
light cream modular kitchen cabinets appliance prefab
german made modular kitchen cabinets prefab manufacturer in india
cupboard solid wood furniture prefab china style kitchen cabinets

(5) Quality – do not worry about the quality that we can get from the two items above, because they were designed with great attention to detail, including the quality and level of craftsmanship.

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